Collection Agency Guide

Credit Card Debt and Collection Agencies


Are you a credit card defaulter? If yes then, you may have been contacted by a collection agency. Don't be scared, collection agencies are legitimate businesses and they are governed by the rules of the government. They have guidelines to follow in the conduct of their trade, thanks to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.


Collection agency for dentist must respect the rights of the consumers. They are prohibit to call you before 8 am and past 9 pm without your consent, prohibited to call you repeatedly, one you have requested them to stop calling you at work they must comply, cannot verbally abuse you, cannot publicize your debt, unable to collect more than what is due, prohibited from threatening you and must send a written notice informing you of the amount of money you owe and the name of the creditor.


If you owe money from a creditor, be candid about your financial status and talk to them or the collection agency.


Bank collection agency can only negotiate repayment schemes approved by the creditor. It cannot sue a debtor or collect amounts more than the actual debt.


Credit card debts are unsecured loans. They have no collateral and are not protected by an asset. If you are in financial trouble the least you want to pay is your unsecured loan. If you cannot pay your unsecured loan then there is essentially nothing to lose. When the debt collector contacts you, do not be afraid and do not sit or lie there in fear. Go on with your life, pay for the basic things you need like food and housing and things that will put you into jail for not paying such as taxes or child support.  If you feel you cannot pay for your debts, filing bankruptcy will eliminate most if not all your unsecured debts.


Debt collectors want you to pay for these unsecured loans because they receive paychecks every time an unsecured loan is repaid. So that they are aggressive in employing tactics to force you to pay. Some debt collection agents threaten you with the filing of a criminal lawsuit, uses obscenities and insults, calls your workplace continuously even after office hours, discloses debt information to other people, make false representations and threat to take any un legal action.


Debt collectors become greedy, even though they are mandated to observe good reasonable conduct in the performance of their rights, refrain from unscrupulous and untoward acts. To learn more about collection agencies, you can visit


Consumers have the rights too.